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A most powerful word.

February 27, 2015

Last week I found out that a membership to the Minnesota Science Museum gets you free admission to the Omnitheater.  I beat a path to the door and signed us right up.  On Tuesday we saw our first movie: “Flight of the Monarch”.  We got our membership just in time.  Last week was the last chance to see “Flight of the Monarch” before it was replaced with an exploration of outer space.  Charlie was especially enthused by the opportunity as he spent much time last summer observing “The Monarch” in it’s natural habitat: our garden.

The theater was packed, mostly with elderly guests.  We could only find four seats together so Annie sat in my lap. As I was thinking to myself what a milestone it is to be able to sit in a movie theater without worrying that we will be a disturbance, I heard from the seat to my left, one long word ring out in the silent theater:


I can’t say that I really blame Charlie.  Have you ever seen a Monarch’s wing up close? It is nothing if not worthy of a good long “DAAAAAAAANG!”  Although “Daaaaang” (held for five beats) is not my favorite thing Charlie has learned at Hope Academy, there are times when it is appropriate. Such as the sight of a Monarch’s wing.

I wonder if Ravi Zaccharias knows about Daaaaang?  I will never forget reading his book “I, Isaac, take you, Rebecca” before I was married.  In it, Zaccharias says that there is only one word in the English language that is appropriate to capture the emotion felt by a groom at the sight of his bride, the word: “Wow.”

Well, I would like to posit a second possibility for the groom experiencing this rapturous moment: “Daaaang.”

Below: In addition to an Omnitheater, the museum also has a newsroom.

photo (59)


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  1. Julie Childs permalink
    February 27, 2015 3:20 pm

    Hilarious blog

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