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Snug as a Bug in a Rug Part II

February 23, 2015

The astute reader may have noticed in the picture of our children’s room attached to the last post that there are now four beds where once there were three.  I think a room with four little beds just begs to be called “the nursery”.  I called it “the nursery” for a long time.  I had to admit I held on too long when I heard long tall Charlie inviting a few guy friends to come over and play monopoly in “my nursery”.  As it was beginning to evoke images of “short bus”, rather than Mary Poppins and Peter Pan, I made the transition to calling it a “room” instead of “the nursery”.

Annie has been gunning to graduate to the “kid’s woom” for quite some time.  But she was sleeping so well in her “tib” (crib), and it is hard to mess with success when you suffer as I do from Post Nocturnal Stress Disorder, or PNSD.

Annie made a strong case for her graduation: baiting me to agree that she is now a big girl, and then turning it on me. I walked into her trap every time.

For example:

Annie: “I will not go potty in my underwear because I am a big girl now, right?”

Me: “That’s right.  Big girls go potty in the bathroom.”

Annie: “Hooray! I am a big girl now, and I can sleep with the big kids!”

Her luck turned last week.  We were at the Hoffner’s and the girls were enjoying sliding down the steps on the bottoms, when Annie’s feet got stuck under her and she tumbled headlong down the steps.  Apparently, a tiny nail punctured her scalp causing a tiny but steady trickle of blood, which she referred to as a “poke hole”. Her two front teeth bit a deep crack in her upper lip through which you could see a little light.  After much deliberation I decided to get it checked out at the ER. As soon as we got home she announced: “My mouth is feeling better so I can sleep with the big kids now!”  That just made so much sense I had to agree.

Besides, when you tell a child she must continue to sleep in her crib until she is older and she responds with:

Are You Serious?


What in the World?

You have probably held out too long.

Below: Annie fast asleep, as opposed to her status each morning which she calls “fast awake”.

photo (57)

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