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Santa Claus: Friend or Foe

December 15, 2014

Annie has a love-hate relationship with Santa.  She talks about him daily, and often her first words in the morning are, “Did Santa come while I was asleep?”  Although she is ever hopeful that her stocking has been filled in the night, she can’t really decide if she wants to Santa to know where she lives.

“I will sit on his yap at the grocery store,” She explains, “But not in my home, because that would be scary for me.”

Then again, maybe she does want Santa in her home.  Last time she pinched her fingers, she was inconsolable insisting that she needed Santa to “Kiss it”.  And her latest nap-time protest has been, “Santa never puts girls down to nap!”

Annie marched in bravely to see the Macy’s Santa, fully prepared to sit on his lap. But alas, at the last minute, faced with the man himself, she choked, telling us sadly afterwards, “I did not sit on his yap.  I just sat on his drum-stool.”

Maybe next time.

Below: Evidence of Ambivalence.



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  1. Grammie B permalink
    December 15, 2014 12:23 pm

    Lucy, her face is your face. She is you with blonde hair. Amazing resemblance!

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