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November in a Nutshell

November 24, 2014

November has been exciting.

Exciting thing #1: The children got haircuts. They don’t usually get haircuts. Usually I just whack a little here and there with their safety scissors every now and then. But for some reason it seemed like a good idea to take them all in at once and just be done. The five of us walked in to Cost Cutters shortly after they opened at 9 a.m. The salon was empty except for a lone client receiving a hair cut and the stylist doing the cutting.

When I explained that I had four children in need of haircuts, the stylist quickly informed me that she would not have time to cut their hair this morning. I looked around at the eight empty stations, and ten empty waiting chairs and clarified, “This is a walk-in salon, right?” She confirmed. “And there is no one else here waiting?” There was not. It slowly dawned on me that perhaps SHE JUST DIDN”T WANT TO cut the beautiful tresses of my squirmy children.

“Well, I think we will just wait here until you have an opening.” It was a showdown. But with four children jumping off chairs and rolling around on the floor, I was pretty sure I had the upper hand. I usually keep the children pretty well in hand in public, but occasionally if I am desirous of quick service I make no attempt to contain them. On these occasions, we are usually helped first and ushered right out to our car. It’s very convenient.

Sure enough, in about five minutes, she wrapped up with her original client, and after milling about the empty salon for a bit, she grudgingly said, “Which one first.”

Exciting thing # 2. Our neighbors, Bob and Kathy, gifted us with their expansive Dickens Christmas Village. They have been collecting little houses for thirty years. Deciding that they didn’t have room for it anymore, they brought it down the block to us in five jumbo storage bins which took two closets to store.

I wanted to familiarize the kids with the story before unpacking the village so I explained to them that we would watch “A Christmas Carol” for our Friday night movie and then set up the village on Saturday. Elisabeth clapped her hands: “Do you mean we are having a theme?” A Dickens theme it was! We watched Mickey Mouse Christmas Carol, and Muppets Christmas Carol, and set up our Christmas village all in one weekend.

It proved to be a little too exciting for me, when I got so absorbed in rearranging the tiny people that I forgot a pot on the stove resulting in a rather startling grease fire which Dan had to extinguish with our foster care fire extinguisher, which was exciting in its own right.

Little damage was done.  Although the front of our over the stove “microwaver” (Charlie for microwave) will never be the same.  As Elisabeth says, “Fewf”.

Exciting thing # 3: a hawk attack. Prior to the hawk attack, our chickens enjoyed free range foraging around our neighborhood. I had seen the hawk once a few months ago, but I didn’t think too much of it. That particular Tuesday morning began as any Tuesday morning with the big kids heading to school and the little kids heading to Children’s Hospital (for speech therapy). We returned from speech therapy to find a yard full of feathers and a hawk standing over the headless corpse of Charlie’s dear little Dumps (pictured in previous post). The rest of the chickens were nowhere to be seen. The worst part was, that Hawk wouldn’t leave! So, I couldn’t leave, for fear that when the rest of the chickens came out of hiding he would finish the job. I called Dan, who was in his car a few blocks away and begged him to come help with his lightning fast pitching arm. I gathered some big rocks, sure that Dan could nail the hawk and end the standoff. To my shock and dismay, Dan went and gathered TENNIS BALLS. You can’t kill anything with a tennis ball. It turns out, he didn’t want to kill the hawk! This caused marital discord.

Dan argued that he should not kill the hawk because the hawk is an endangered species and to do so would be a felony offense. I argued that this should qualify as a “stand your ground” situation.  You be the judge.

In the end, Dan grazed the hawk with a tennis ball, eschewed my large hawk-killing stones, and returned to work. The hawk eventually flew away and I was able to gather up the remaining five chickens.

I did not know it was possible to be emotionally connected to poultry, but I shed actual tears upon Dumps’s passing. I was really fond of the little guy who laid a lovely brown egg every single day.

Coincidentally, Charlie’s homework assignment that night was to write about a pet. He wrote the following:

photo (41)

Translation: I had a chicken and his name was Dumps but a hawk got him today.

Below: New haircuts.



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  1. Susan Gloier permalink
    December 4, 2014 12:10 pm

    Sorry about the loss of loved one to hawk. At least hawk was hungry. Beware of raccoons….those cute little bandits came into my neighbor’s yard one night, opened the door on their chicken coop (they have handy human-like thumbs) and killed 5 before the owner could get his shoes on and respond to the ruckus going on. Racoons don’t eat chickens, they are just mean.

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