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October 6, 2014

Quite a few people have been asking us about the twins transition from Hand in Hand Montessorri to Hope Academy. We had such a wonderful experience at Hand in Hand, but it was always the plan that for elementary school the kids would join Dan at Hope.  I knew it would be a big transition for the children, but I didn’t anticipate how different it would be for me.  In addition to their private school, Hand in Hand has a “homeschool academy”.  The students spend half the week at school, and half learning at home.  Because I work there, I was around them quite a bit during the school days.  It felt like an extension of our time together at home, and really didn’t feel like they had left me at all.  I was not prepared for how “gone” they would be as full time students at Hope.  At Hand in Hand parents were involved in most everything.  Even school pictures!  Below: Here’s what you get when your mom comes with you to get your school picture taken.

school pics 009

And here’s what we got this year, when I was not involved in the school pictures:

photo (37)

I suppose it’s a good thing that they don’t seem to miss me a bit.  Nor have they noticed the suspicious mini-van cruising slowly back and forth by the playground during recess, with a familiar mother hunkered down behind the steering wheel.

It’s no wonder they are so happy at Hope Academy.  Click here to see how happy.

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