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Beware the Watch- Rooster

September 26, 2014


Elisabeth’s little Tib, who (she reminds us regularly) hatched from an olive green egg, has unfortunately turned into a rooster.  This is our fourth rooster!  Rooster one: Davey went to live with Patty’s son Steve in Madison, Wisconsin.  Roosters two and three: Nini and Dumps went back to the farmer from whom we procured the original four hens.  We are loathe to part with the ever docile rooster number four.  For a while he didn’t crow and we held onto the slim hope that he was just a long-legged hen.  But once the crowing began, it began in earnest, and can be heard at six o’clock sharp from one end of the block to the other.  And last week Elisabeth happily reported: “Tib is playing with Ella Lehmer and Ella Wang (or Ella Wing as Annie calls her).  Tib is jumping on the Ellas and they are giving him piggy back rides!” Piggy-back rides: a sure sign your hen is a rooster.

Although I know we can’t keep him forever, I have been dragging my heels because I have grown strangely fond of the little-big fellow.  In effort to postpone the inevitable, each night I reach into the dark coop, drag out the reluctant Tib (not at all pleasant), carry him through the backyard, and put him to bed just inside the door of the garage so his morning crowing won’t wake the neighbors.

As unwieldy as this process is, it paid off big time last night.  When we came outside this morning, we realized our van and garage had been broken into.  A couple of small things were taken from the van which was parked outside.  Strangely, nothing was taken from the garage, even though Dan’s power tools, and several people’s bikes are quite valuable.  We have only one explanation: the watch-rooster.

Can you imagine creeping into a completely dark garage only to encounter a large rooster scurrying around by your feet.  I think the hooligans left in a hurry, because the door was swinging open as was the gate to the backyard.  I use the word hooligans, because the kids overheard me informing Dan of the break-in, and, not wanting to scare them, I thought hooligan sounded more naughty than sinister.

Charlie immediately informed Miss P, that our garage was broken into by hula-dancers last night, but our rooster scared them away.  Beware the roving band of hula-dancers, breaking and entering and hula-ing all over Minneapolis.  And beware the watch-rooster!  You never know what a rooster is capable of when protecting his family.

Ours is not the first watch-rooster.  Papaw tells me that he recalls a gas station in Samson, Alabama that was known to be guarded at night by ferocious roosters.   I highly recommend it.  But if you don’t want to actually keep your own watch-rooster, you could still consider buying a “Beware the Rooster” sign strategically placed near your garage, or garden gate, to scare off opportunistic hooligans.

Also, note-worthy, we found our first three eggs in the nesting box yesterday.  Dan refers to them as hundred dollar eggs, since that’s about how much our coop and chickens cost.  I am pleased to report that, with Tib saving us from at least a thousand dollars in tool and bike theft, the chicken farm has more than paid for itself.

Oh, how will I ever give him away now?



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  1. September 26, 2014 3:48 pm

    Who would have thought it!! And so well told. Chuckles here. The hooligans may have had experience with roosters in cock fights ??

  2. Susan Gloier permalink
    October 1, 2014 12:36 am

    My next door neighbor has two hens and a rooster but they lock the chicken coop entry door at night and cover the windows with sun blocking curtains (hung on the outside) and the rooster sleeps in until 09:00. The neighborhood loves it. I will be sure to tell them how the rooster saved you from terrible Midwestern hula-dancers. Auntie Sue 🙂

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