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Merrily We Roll Along

September 18, 2014

photo (36)

Last week Miss P and Annie had there first day of school.  They are at Hand-in-Hand Montessorri again this year, enjoying a one day a week “family preschool” program.  They were most proud to be headed out the door together in uniform.  They look sharp in spite of their mother, who has lost a little steam along the way.  I remember putting great thought into shoeing the twins when they were two…ensuring that they had both fashion and support for their developing stride.  Poor Baby Dear just dug some out of the pile on the way out the door.

The twins are cruising right along in first grade. A focus of Elisabeth’s education seems to be the various means she employs to get seated directly across from Mrs. Watkins at lunch.  Elisabeth has discovered that sitting across from someone, rather than beside them, is the best way to “visit”.  Elisabeth reports that she and Mrs. Watkins just love to visit over lunch.

I sure hope Mrs. Watkins loves it.  If not, I will encourage her to seek the counsel of Elisabeth’s kindergarten teacher, Miss Myra, who last year found herself eating her lunch in the shadow of a little stalker.  There’s nothing like someone who’s been there.

Things are, for the most part, going smoothly for Charlie as well.  He looks quite dapper headed out the door in his stiff-as-a-board dress pants.  He is having a little trouble, in his words, finding his “fly”.  Yesterday, he lost his fly for a whole day, and, unable to pull his stiff pants up and down, he had to “hold it” for eight hours until he got home and I could assist.  Oh, the fly.  One of the many things taken for granted until it is lost.

On Wednesday, Charlie proudly unfolded his self-portrait, drawn with oil pastels.  I could see he remembered  me telling him recently, that the human head is really more egg-shaped than circular.  I did not think to specify that, when drawing a head, the pointy part of the egg goes at the bottom.

photo (34)

But we love him, just the way he is!

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  1. Craig MacIntosh permalink
    September 20, 2014 10:53 am

    Priceless…again! I love to look at drawings done by children…maybe until they reach teen years. Picasso was able to tap into that childish perspective in his latter years. But to see the innocent “take” that artists like Charlie have on themselves, their friends and family, and their world, is pure joy. Can’t we just suspend aging for the next ten years and keep enjoying these posts? Delightful as always. Mac

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