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A Call for Help

September 5, 2014

We are rounding the bend and the end of our first year of Moms4Moms is in sight.  Moms4Moms is a place for younger mothers to connect with more seasoned mothers, explained here: Asking for Money.  We are grateful for the relationships formed, and that moms (younger and older) keep coming together for supper, games, and teaching.  A high-light of the year together was a six week cooking class (pictured below).  A low-light was running out of money in approximately January. I guess we underestimated how much we eat. But we got by with a little help from our friends, this whole outer ring of mom-friends we kept rounding up to help with cooking, child-care etc.  Cari (one of ’em) dubbed them the Moms4Moms4Moms.

In spite of our budget shortfall, we press on by popular demand, and are planning to kick off year two with another weekend retreat.  Last year’s retreat was really an introduction, and now, with deepening relationships and trust we are ready to go a little deeper.

So, here I come again, hat in hand.  If you know ANYONE who might be interesting in sponsoring a young mom to come away for the weekend for 75 dollars, or participate for whole year 200 dollars, (tax deductible) please email me: Thanks for spreading the word.

photo (33)

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  1. September 5, 2014 5:37 pm

    You know the funny thing is … At first, I thought this was a support group for *young* mothers like me. I was thinking, “Oh, how great to be mentored by a seasoned mom! What a great idea!” I could surely use the help. And then I realized that this organization provides support to actual young moms and that I am in denial about my age. Love your blog. Betsy Wolf (formerly Betsy James from across the street)

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