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The News

May 27, 2014

1. Biggest News: Baby River joined our household on May 15th at 5:00 a.m.  It happened due to Tonja’s sheer determination.  Tonja and I checked into the hospital around noon on Thursday the 14th.  Many times over the course of the next 15 hours, the midwives came in to give Tonja the bad news that she was not in fact in labor and was going to have to go back home now.  Tonja reminded me of those environmentalists who chain themselves to trees in the face of bulldozers to save the forest.  She stood her ground and refused to go. She may have been heard muttering: “Make me.”

As it turns out, she really was having a baby!  In her midwife’s words, “Oooo, a chubby one!” River was worth the wait:

ballet 034

All of the children are keen to help with the new baby.  Annie went so far as to insist he sleep with her in her crib.  Charlie nixed that idea explaining to her, “Ya’ll would just play all night.” So, Annie went to check out River’s bassinet, exclaiming in disappointment, “Oh I will not fit in there!” Alas, Annie will continue to sleep with a doll. Here she is with her real baby:

ballet 101

2. Big News: the twins graduated from kindergarten.  Elizabeth shed many tears…tears perhaps more fitting for a high school graduate saying goodbye to lifelong friends than a kindgarten graduate saying goodbye to friends she has known since preschool.  But, she’s a sensitive little person.

I tried to cheer the twins with the knowledge that they can come with me next year and see the old gang when Miss P has her preschool parties.  Charlie had me double check with Miss Jan that he can return annually for the April showers party until he is 18.  He just loved opening and closing the party umbrella. I imagine at 18 he will seem so tall frolicking among the kindergartners with his umbrella and his rain boots.  But maybe by then he will change his mind on his own.  It didn’t seem worth arguing about.

3. Medium News: I have been reinstated by the State Of Minnesota as a psychologist.  I had to take a test.  That was a refreshing change of pace.  My certificate of licensure is hanging in the kitchen next to the kindergarten diplomas. Charlie is the only one who noticed it there, asking “Hey, Mom. Did you win?”

4. Small News: the girls had a ballet recital.  It was very short.  Approximately 2 minutes.  Although they did the recital dance twice because one of the little dancers had stage fright and refused to participate, but then changed her mind. So it was more like four minutes. I am glad no one flew in for the occasion.  I am also glad the girls have announced they are done with ballet.  The tights were such a struggle.


ballet 053-001ballet 066

5. Smaller News: Charlie is playing tee-ball again for Longfellow park, and Dan is coaching again.  The team color is once again green.  Last year the boys voted to be “The Edamame Beans”.  Edamame is an appropriately non-threatening mascot for a South Minneapolis tee-ball team.  We would not want the other teams to feel unwelcome at our park, now would we?  After the last game the boys ate cupcakes with little soybean pods on top.

This year, the players (not all boys this time thanks to the addition of Lucy Hoffner!) voted to be the “Green Flash”.  JoJo Hoffner really wanted to be the Tree Frogs.  There were tears when the vote came back in favor of the flash.  Charlie experienced internal angst for days over the fact that he voted against the Tree Frogs.  He also confessed he has been worried for some time that he did not vote for Obama.

Lest anyone be concerned that the Flash is too threatening a mascot for a Minneapolis Park Board team, as the players warm up and run the bases pre-game they can be heard chanting: “Flash in the pan! Flash in the pan!”

ballet 079

And that’s the news.  A flash in the pan if I don’t write it down.


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  1. Craig MacIntosh permalink
    May 27, 2014 5:20 pm

    Ahhhhhh. In a world filled with shootings, drug busts, domestics and multi-car crashes comes Lucy Olson’s blog: a breath of fresh air in a day or scattered showers and a hazy city skyline. Thank you for balancing the world for the better.

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