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Life on the Farm

May 19, 2014

Life is not easy for a chicken farmer with nine chickens.  I am waited to reduce the flock until I know which ones are roosters. We aren’t allowed to have roosters in the city due to the crowing.  Or hooved animals if you can believe it.  I check on the regulations when I saw a perfectly good miniature horse for only 25 dollars on craigslist.  It looked just like the Black Stallion, only it was as high as my knee.  How marvelous!  But not for us.  We are in the city.

I know we have at least one rooster, because I heard him crowing in the coop but as soon as I got there he stopped and played it cool.  Until I know which ones are roosters, I won’t know which ones it is safe to run over with my van.  I would hate to run over a chicken only to discover it was a perfectly good egg-laying hen.

Note for the  animal lovers: I may not actually have to run them over.  Just last week, Annie’s preschool teacher Miss Cari mentioned that her mother takes in roosters.  It’s her ministry.  So I may be sending my roosters to Stillwater for a little R & R on the farm.  Also our dear friend Eleazar Florentino offered to cook him up for us.  That would be interesting to the children, who clarify each time I serve chicken: is this my chicken?




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