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Easter: parts 1 and 2

April 20, 2014


Part I

The chickens:

The chickens were received with open arms.  Mary Olson helped me hold them in the baskets while Dan brought the kids down and at the last minute we let go.  There was just enough time to see them in the basket before they jumped out and started running (and flying and pooping) all over the dining room.  The children, who fortunately had never shared my vision of fuzzy Easter babies, were pleased as punch.  I think the most fun for them was getting to name their own chicken.  The naming part was the least fun for me.  Well, actually following chickens around the dining room with a roll of toilet paper was the least fun for me.  I just think it was better when I named the pets.  Then we stuck to dignified literary allusions like Mr. Tumnus (known to his close friends as Mr. Thomas), and Diddee, Dumps, and Tot. Now that the children are involved we are getting names like Corndog (with a “K”).

There are many problems with the current chicken names.  For instance, the Ella confusion.  For many years now, Ella has been one of the most popular chicken names of the year, so of course we have more than one Ella in our barn.  So the girls had to pick first and last names for the Ellas.  Then there’s David, the hen.  Charlie proudly introduces David with the disclaimer, he’s a girl.  At least we hope he’s a girl.  If he’s a rooster (God forbid) then it’s back to the farm.  The same goes for Ella Lehmer and Ella Wang.  We hope they aren’t roosters.  Then there’s the confusion of family names, as in the case of Annie’s chicken who she insists is called Nini.  At some point in the middle of all the chaos somebody shouted, “Nini has diarrhea!” It’s just not right.

A word about the pictures: I would not recommend photographing moving chickens with a cell phone.  But if you must, then make your pictures black and white which says “artsy” instead of “blurry”.

Without further ado, I present to you:

David (he’s a girl):



Ella Lehmer:



Ella Wang:


Nini (from whom we kept our distance due to her diarrhea)



Easter Part II:

This is Part II because I can’t talk about Easter baskets and chickens and the Resurrection in the same breath.  Every night at dinner we all say our high and low from the day.  And I want to remember my high from this Holy Week.

Dan invited the children and me, along with his parents to a Good Friday service at Hope Academy.  We walked in to see the gym full of 350 children dancing and singing, “Jesus conquered the grave! Jesus conquered the grave!”  And Mary Olson whispered to me, “This, this is the joy that was set before him.”  That sight (the joy!) was my high.



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  1. Kate permalink
    April 22, 2014 11:29 pm

    I knew I would regret not moving to Minneapolis for approximately three years after the decision, but I am feeling it most acutely now!!

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