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Lately with Elizabeth

March 9, 2014

As usual, in February I lost my strength.  It is hard to keep a sense of humor when it is 20 below.  And how can I blog about the children when for weeks, all I have gotten is little peeks of them through their snow clothes.

Blog pics 1Also, I no longer have a computer due to a terrible virus that my computer caught from Quint’s online school program.  Lack of computer is a challenging situation for any blogger.

Also due to Quint’s online school program, I have been suffering from an acute lack of free time.

But yesterday, the temperature soared to 26.  In lieu of our coats, we donned hopes that spring could be just around the corner!  And today, Elizabeth found this:


And cheerfully instructed me to: “Please write on your blog that your daughter has discovered a berry on a bush, which is the second sign of spring.” The first sign was a lady-bug in the kitchen.

As I write, Elizabeth came into the room to ask me if we could send a picture of the berry to Mrs. Lindmark.  You see, this morning during the sermon, the pastor asked anyone desiring to be discipled to raise a hand.  Around 19 hands went up. 18 big hands and one very tiny Elizabeth hand*.  After the service, (to the envy of women throughout the congregation) Elizabeth was approached by Mrs. Margo Lindmark, widely known at our church to be a master discipler, with an offer, which Elizabeth readily accepted.   And just in time, for there is berry to discuss!

In addition to recording the first two signs of spring, I have hijacked Dan’s computer today to record the rapid and unexpected shrinking of the population in our home.

Last week, in the course of 24 hours, we lost Quint (a student), Nicole (a renter), and Mr. Tumnus (a rabbit).  To protect the privacy of the aforementioned residents I won’t go into detail.  I will tell you that one of them went home to his mom, one of them bought herself a house, and one of them died at the paw of Corn-dog.  (Or Korn-dog, as Charlie insists he spells it with a “K”).

The death was a real shock for us.  Elizabeth keeps insisting that she doesn’t think it was Mr. Tumnus’s “last day”.  Well, apparently it was.  And it has got us all contemplating our mortality.  As Elizabeth explained to the other children:

“God decides when it is time for a person to die: some people die when they are young, some people die when they are old, and some people are squeezed to death by a python.”

I would also like to record the details of our recent trip to Hawaii, but that might be too much for my first day back on the blog.  Later, then.

*Note about the hand: Elizabeth reports, with tears, that the other children at school regularly laugh about her hands being so tiny.  Last week I volunteered as sewing helper.  And no sooner had the children taken up their needles, than a little boy leaned across the table to peer at Elizabeth’s hands and ask: “Why are your hands so tiny?”

**Please be advised, death by Corn-dog is highly classified.  The children think Mr. Tumnus choked on a carrot, and that Daddy laid him to rest in the woods under a shady tree, since you can’t bury anything in the ground this time of year. Both are sort of true.  There was a missing carrot after the death.   And we hope he is laying under a shady tree, but the snow was thigh-high so Dan just hurled him over the fence and into the woods.

So, we are down to just Theresa, but I’m sure we won’t stay small for long.

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  1. Craig MacIntosh permalink
    March 9, 2014 7:09 pm

    Can spring be far behind? Will the sun now warm us more quickly? Will the Mt. Everests of snow and ice not melt more rapidly? Does this mean small children will sing in unison? Can the birds be far behind? Will our sidewalks and yards begin to emerge? Lucy is back and blogging! Surely winter is over! Hallelujah!

  2. Margo Lindmark permalink
    March 10, 2014 5:01 pm

    I am quite honored to be a mentor to Miss Elizabeth and was in the process of writing an invitation to tea with my new mentee so that we can talk about more signs of spring and whatever else “ladies” of whatever size discuss at tea, when I read this delightful as usual blog. God gifts us in many ways and this new relationship is one of his best!!! Mrs Margo

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  3. Aunt Sally permalink
    March 17, 2014 2:07 pm

    Just remember we once flung our deceased pet rabbit Cindy into the woods only to find her weeks later on our neighbors front porch when we were collecting for the heart association (a gift from their family pet we presumed)

    • March 17, 2014 3:20 pm

      Charlie begged us to arrange Mr. Tumnus’s body on the mantle over the fireplace! Which would be a better resting place than your neighbors front porch, I guess.

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