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That’s One Big Pepper

February 1, 2014

At 17, I am not sure you could call Quint Ironnecklace a little pepper.  But he has been with us since October and we have grown to love him like a pepper.  In addition to being a rich addition to our dinner table, and a wonderful big brother to the children, he has been kind enough to let me meddle in his academic affairs.  Meddling in other people’s affairs is my hobby.  At one time, I even got paid to do it.  But since coming home to be with the children, I have been forced  (as Mr. Molesley said to Carson last week) to “contain my skills”.

Quint, who has elected to finish high school online at home, has given me free reign to meddle.  Last week was his first week schooling at home, and he really left it all out on the court.  Although we are both pooped, the first week was a success.  And as you can see, online high school has helped my punctuation.

Below: Quint blending  right in thanks to a new wardrobe of Alabama football wear.

quint 533

                                                                                                     (Matthew 11 : 5)

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  1. Beth Saav permalink
    February 1, 2014 11:10 am

    You have such a beautiful family. Love!

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