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December 6, 2013

Meet our newest addition: Theresa Bulger.  She took Madeline’s place in the basement in exchange for once a week babysitting and laundry help.  After she had been with us for a few weeks Dan asked which day she was going to be helping us out.  I immediately shushed him, whispering frantically, “Don’t mention that!”  It seems Theresa forgot about the arrangement and has, for some reason, been helping out every day.

Yesterday, for example, our group of six (Annie’s age-mate Jonah has been spending time with us) came wailing in the back door.  I had just taken all the children downtown to see Santa and bought them each a Christmas cookie at the bakery, so they were understandably upset.  As we more or less fell into the kitchen and out of the below zero weather, there was the ever-calm Theresa, smiling, wiping kitchen counters, asking, “Can I help you?”  Can you imagine how life changing those words are for me?  This is how Theresa looks:

1477412_10152091972449532_416106869_n (1)

This is how my face looks when I think about our little “arrangement” with Theresa:

1477412_10152091972449532_416106869_n (1)-001

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  1. December 6, 2013 10:47 pm

    Theresa, Theresa… I told you she’d put me to shame!

  2. Theresa permalink
    December 7, 2013 11:56 am

    You make me out to be more of a saint than I really am! Of course, anyone who has been here will know that the joy is all mine.

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