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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like…

December 2, 2013

decor 001

Christmas.  But first I had to take down an excessive amount of autumnal burlap.

I have a problem.  I see these crafty things on blogs, and I think I can just dabble.  That I will know when to stop.  That I will be able to stop.

It started with this seasonal banner, courtesy of Kettie:

burlap 158

I was inspired to purchase my own burlap to cut a  table runner:

burlap 146

I had some left (slippery slope!), so I decided to wrap the planters:

burlap 163

Then, I read the following caution in Better Homes and Gardens: When decorating with burlap, be sure to balance with plenty of twinkle lights, to ensure that your home says, “I am ready for the Holidays!”, and not “I am a hobbit who lives in the forest.”

Hobbit House.  That’s exactly the look I have going on.

Kettie also inspired this: burlap 150

In case you don’t recognize it, it is a Thanksgiving branch.  We cut out leaves and took turns writing what we are thankful for.  It was rather like the Oscars.  None of the children wanted to relinquish the microphone.  Charlie was especially verbose extending his thankfulness to: “My sisters: Miss P, Annie, and Elizabeth.  My friends. (I will spare you the list as he is very popular).  My parents: Mom and Dad. My classmates (another long list).” I eventually had to cut him off, promising we could add leaves at a later date. But Thanksgiving has run smack dab into Christmas.  And now we are taking down the leaves and putting up the tree.

We celebrated the Olson Christmas the day after Thanksgiving in Amery.  Pics Below:


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