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Moms 4 Moms

November 17, 2013


Thank you so much to all who gave and prayed for our young mothers retreat last weekend.  I am delayed in expressing my thanks due to what Charlie calls “a nasty germ in our house”.  One by one it took each of us down.  Even Corndog.   But now that we are back in action, I am so grateful to be able to give a little report.

Our goal for the trip was that it would be an opportunity to form relationships that would result in ongoing mentoring, coaching, and discipleship.  I am overwhelmed to report that ALL 22 mothers who participated have indicated that they want to be a part of a monthly support group meeting, and almost all (18) would like to be in a one on one mentoring relationship.  There was such enthusiasm that the girls were talking about friends they have that need this kind of support and are already inviting their friends to be a part of the group.

Our biggest needs moving forward are:

1. For people to sponsor a dinner for our monthly meetings (if you feed them, they will come, etc.).  We anticipate 20 moms plus kids is around 50 hungry people!

2. We desperately need help with the little ones during our Moms4Moms meetings.  If you are in the area and know anyone who would volunteer to play with kids or rock babies, please let me know.

We are overwhelmed and excited and we could not have done it, or continue doing it without so many of you who supported us.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and not just mine:

“I am a stressed single mom of two who never gets opportunities to relax and bond with other moms and enjoy God’s beautiful creation.  I know that I will go back home and be a better mom from the weekend.”- Deena, mother of 2

“I want to say thank you.  This whole trip was phenomenal.  Before I arrived I felt like I was alone. I am so busy, always working and taking care of the house and all the other mommy things with so much stress on my shoulders.  I felt like I could never get away.  I felt like there was a reason to why the last registration spot was saved for me.  Meeting new people with so much to say made me realize so much I want to do and become.  I never really thought I would come into contact with such a beautiful place where I really felt like I was away from everything. I felt at peace and got to be with other moms.  I feel like I got closer to God.  I was pampered and shown how special I am!  The experience really changed me as a mom.  I would more than love to do it again. Thank you so much for this everyone!  I don’t want to say specifics, but everyone.”  – Cheyenne, mother of 1

“This weekend really gave me time to think about my life.  And it’s nice to have someone doing the cooking other than me.  I loved it.” – Hannah, mother of 1 (and 1 on the way!)

 “It was like God was waiting for me there.  And when I got there, all I did was cry.  It was a relief.”  – Sharmeen, mother of 3

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  1. November 17, 2013 11:30 pm

    I adore this! I want to rock babies! But I am in Michigan!
    If there is anything around Christmas or early January, and of course there’s the summer–I’m so in!
    For now, from afar I’m praying. As one who aspires someday to motherhood and is so grateful for all the mothering I’ve had in my life, there are few things that could catch my heart and my vision quite like this. Praise God!

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