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Putting the TRICK back in…

October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat!

I have won some and I have lost some these past two weeks.  I lost one with our failed attempt at a professional family portrait on Saturday. It was a very short session.  The photographer called the game early, and we all went home.  I should have known better.

I lost another one on Sunday when I got us all ready to go to the must anticipated annual neighborhood caramel apple making party…a week late.  Suffice it to say, there was weeping and gnashing of teeth around here.  People were literally screaming and crying.

Elizabeth’s only solace (through sobs) : “At least we didn’t miss the Halloween party at the Children’s Museum!”

My heart sank.  For sadly, although I had gone to the Children’s museum a whole week before the Tuesday party to get us tickets, the party was sold out.

I lost that battle….but I am pleased to say, due to a little trickery, I won the war.

Four little peppers awoke with a start Tuesday morning and donned their costumes for the much anticipated Halloween party at the museum.

Elizabeth was the first to ask a question: “I thought it was a night-time party.”

Me: “Well, that one was sold out so we are going to the morning party instead.”

They burst through the doors of the museum, and were greeted with fruit snacks and a “Welcome to the Halloween Party” by the gift shop attendant who, had been pre-informed of the morning party  situation by Sarah Hoffner who arrived ahead of us with Little Lucy in a fairy costume and and handed off Halloween fruit snacks to the attendant.  While the kids ate their fruit snacks, I sneaked ahead to inform the security guard and some of the museum staff of our morning party.  Knowing an emergency when he sees one, the security guard immediately began rummaging in his desk and as we passed the security desk he hollered, “Welcome to the Party!”  And produced an excellent supply of Starbursts for the party guests.  About that time, the janitor, who had gotten wind, appeared from the back with party bags, presumably intended for the afternoon party, which included flashlights, coloring books, and pencils.

“Welcome to party, this is my custodian costume, and my friend here is dressed up as a security guard.”  The contributions of the janitor and security guard were really welcome as it freed up my breath mints for the rest of the party.  I intended to come with assorted candy treats but ran out of time and all I could find was a big bag of breath mints somebody left in the basement.  Uncle Carl, maybe.

As we made our way through the museum, I was able to go a little bit ahead and give the staff a heads up and a handful of breath mints.  Thus, at every exhibit, the children were greeted with, “Welcome to the party!” And handed a breath mint.  They were truly amazed, deciding it was the best (and only) Halloween party they have ever been to.

The rest of the museum goers must’ve been waiting to go to the afternoon party because the museum on Tuesday morning was like a ghost-town.   There were few other children around.  The party-goers never questioned why they were the only ones in costume.  They never questioned any of it in fact.  Although twice other mothers said to me, “Oh, no! I didn’t know they were supposed to wear costumes today.”

“Costumes were optional,” I reassured.

The “Halloween Party” craft of the day was drill-painting, or sticking a paintbrush in an electric drill and turning it on.  Below, the party-goers partying, after painting their own faces.  They  are in order of appearance: a (self-described) stinging lady-bug,  spider man, a giraffe, and a cupcake with severe static cling!

photo 1photo 5 (1)-001photo 4photo 3

4 Comments leave one →
  1. The mysterious J permalink
    October 31, 2013 3:32 pm

    That looks like fun, they still surprise me with their adorableness c:

  2. October 31, 2013 3:34 pm

    Lucy, We’re loving this latest posting. If only you could halt the peppers’ aging process to continue to bring us these wonderful stories and priceless pictures. I’m heading to the garage to find my drill and an old paintbrush. Who knew? Mac and Linda

  3. Nancy Stroud permalink
    October 31, 2013 8:21 pm

    Lucy, such a cute story and absolutely precious children!

  4. October 31, 2013 10:42 pm

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear, it hurts to laugh so. Surely a great Halloween memory for all.

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