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Let’s Give A Warm Welcome To…

October 23, 2013

Two new members of the Olson household, joining our family and our renter/friend Nicole!

A.  Corndog Olson:   fresh from the St. Paul Humane Society.  Age: 12 months.  Weight: 11 pounds.   Breed: Mutt.    Found as a stray.   Adopted: 10/16/2013.  We let the children submit name choices.  Charlie’s suggestion of Corndog was an easy pick being the only boy name anyone could think of.  And fitting for a long brown dog.  Charlie has really taken to his role as dog owner/expert.  He likes to walk across the street with me to let Corndog run in the dog park.  He hypothesizes about the breed, speed, and weight of each dog we see.  He declared a boxer “part terrier” and a very tall German Shepherd, “a chihuahua.”

“Maybe part chihuahua?”  I suggested.

“Maybe all chihuahau.”   He was very sure.

This morning at the library story-time he corrected the librarian who was reading a story about “a dog”.

Charlie: “Actually that’s an English Bulldog.”  He was right.

l heard him talking to himself yesterday, alone in the kitchen.

Charlie: “Raise your hand if you have a dog.”

Charlie, raising his hand: “I do!  I have a dog!”

Corndog gave permission for me to post his After and Before photo.  This is After I gave him his first haircut (when he came to us he was matted and his fur was full of burrs and leaves and fleas, oh my!) , but Before I decided to cut it “a little shorter”.  Famous last words.  Apparently I misunderstood Dan’s clippers.  Let’s just say Corndog is now “showing skin”.

corndog 006

B.   A Hope Academy 10th grader who will be staying with us Mondays through Fridays for the school year.  When I told the children about the new addition, although they had never met him, they clapped and cheered.  For such small bodies, they certainly have large hearts.

There are many great things about having this student as part of our household.

1. He’s a boy.  Now with a student and a Corndog Charlie feels our boy/girl ratio is balancing out.

2.  He posesses a self described “love of the younger generation”.  That is good because we posess the younger generation a-plenty.

3.  As an employee of McDonald’s he gets a 30% discount.  This is great because we like to eat at McDonald’s as much as possible.

4.  He is something of a dog-whisperer.  This is good because who has a dog?  We do!  We do!

Our student has good insights into dog behavior.  Corndog’s manners are almost perfect.  His only behavior problem seems to be his            ability to make flying leaps onto the kitchen counter in search of leftovers.  I caught him yesterday just as he finished off a stick of                     butter!  Our student recommends we put Corndog’s face right into the food.  Apparently, dogs hate that. “But,” he cautioned, “Only if             you are finished eating it.”

Also, He lets Corndog sleep in his bed.  A place for everyone, and everyone in his place.

When he gets home from school I will ask if I can post his picture and name.  Or maybe a picture with Corndog!

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  1. October 24, 2013 7:24 am

    I always love your posts. Corndog is absolutely adorable. You warm my heart! And your new border sounds like a wonderful fit. Isn’t God always taking care of us?

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