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Secrets Revealed

October 19, 2013

Patty gave me the most wonderful early Birthday present.  She slept here and Dan and I slept away.  Not just away but at the “Fireside Cottage” of Patty’s niece, Susie Seashore.  My only regret is not taking a picture of the cottage.   However, when someone sleeps at your house, it’s hard to keep your family secret in the bag.  As Patty and I did the final walk-through and talked through bed-time routines (or lack thereof)  we found ourselves staring awkwardly at one toothbrush sitting on our sink.

“Do they brush their teeth?”  Patty asked politely.

“Yes, they do.”  I said pointing to the toothbrush.

And now she knows: our whole family shares one toothbrush.  It’s so embarrassing.  It’s all Annie’s fault really.  She’s a toothbrush thief.

Or I could blame my mother.  Although I have repressed the memories I am 99 percent sure I grew up sharing a toothbrush.

Or her mother.  I have some suspicious memories of a few communal toothbrushes in her bathroom cabinet that I am pretty sure serviced 13 grandchildren.

Patty, true to form, didn’t bat an eye, saying: “You know, I just bought your children toothbrushes, I should have brought them over!”

She must’ve suspected we are down to one toothbrush.  Maybe our breath all smells suspiciously similar.

You know a true friend when they find out you are normal respond by both making you feel normal and then helping you be normal.

Below: our new normal

toothbrush 003

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  1. Julie Childs permalink
    October 19, 2013 9:46 pm

    hey, that was a precious post. I can just smell the smell when you opened the tall double doors to Susie’s bathroom cabinet. A strong smell of toothpaste with as many as 20 old toothbrushes laid on a fresh clean towel. She was particular about keeping a clean towel under them. I remember just grabbing the one that had the least buildup on it. It is so funny she did that with the next generation. By the way,,at home y’all each had your own toothbrush… most of the time.nini

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