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All In Our Places With Bright Shiny Faces

September 28, 2013

Last week Annie had a check-up.  We saw a new doctor who asked, “So is this your first baby.”  When I told her it was my fourth she blurted out, “I had no idea…you look so clean!”

The reason I am looking so clean:

Recently Updated61

All these people are in school!  Some more than others, but I’ll take what I can get.  I love September and I love school pictures. All the toil of the last five years, the lack of sleep the loads of laundry, the crying, crYING, CRYING, just fade away when I look at school pictures. Regardless of whether or not they were being educated, I think I would drive them to school for a year just to get school pictures.

Now my school picture is a different story:

school pics 133

I’m just not sure I can keep working in schools if they keep making me take a school picture.  And school staff get the privilege of a very large complimentary package of pictures.  I guess I could imagine an elementary teacher giving a little picture of herself to her students.  But what is the counselor supposed to do with thirty pictures of myself? Say: “I’m so sorry your child is struggling.  Here, have one of my pictures!”

If you want one of my pictures, please respond in the comments, but remember, I only have thirty…

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  1. Grammie permalink
    September 28, 2013 5:00 pm

    They are all so cute, so smart. Your picture is a good one, too. How “grinny” you look! These are the good days. Enjoy every one.

  2. September 28, 2013 5:12 pm

    I think all the staff at HIH hate their school pictures. Me too.

  3. Cari permalink
    September 28, 2013 8:14 pm

    Can I have one of the bigger sizes, Please!

  4. Papaw permalink
    September 29, 2013 3:12 pm

    Please put me down for one.

  5. Susan permalink
    September 30, 2013 3:43 pm

    I would love one for the fridge. Or the mantle, if you find yourself with leftovers!!!

    Precious peppers!!

  6. Heather permalink
    October 9, 2013 10:29 pm

    We’d like 4–one for each person on our family. HE-B

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