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P. Mary and the ill-fitting goggles.

July 24, 2013

Dan: “Elizabeth, how did swimming lessons go today?”

Elizabeth: “I would say it went well!”

Me (whispering behind her back): “If you call curling up in the fetal position and refusing to enter the pool “going well” then I guess it went well.”

It went only slightly better for Miss P.  She came to prepared with brand new bright green goggles, which she insisted upon wearing although her class spent the session talking about pool safety and did not actually enter the water.  It goes without saying she was the only one wearing goggles on dry land.

Miss P doesn’t like help fitting her goggles to her face, and she was not long into her lesson when her goggles began to slip down, lower and lower.  After about ten minutes, her goggles had completely folded the top of her ears down over the bottom of her ears, rendering her more or less deaf.  Five more minutes and the front of the goggles were slipping down her nose, forcing her eyelids closed, rendering her mostly blind.

This wouldn’t have been so bad, except that the preschoolers were taking an extensive tour of the Jim Lupient Water Park facilities.  But it all worked out thanks to her friend Francis Brown (age three) who led her around by the hand and kept her from bumping into things.  They concluded their tour of the park at a picnic table where they invited the children to sit in a circle and take turns saying their names and favorite colors.  When they got around to Miss P, she just sat quietly, able neither to see nor hear.  Once again Francis Brown took the situation by the horns speaking for her:

Francis: “Well, her name is Mary, but her first name is P.  And her favorite color is blue.”

Were she able to hear Francis, she surely would have corrected her (it is yellow), but without sight or sound she was meek as a lamb.  I rather liked it!

And thus concludes the tale of P. Mary and the ill-fitting goggles.

p. mary 001

p. mary 004

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  1. Terra permalink
    July 25, 2013 11:37 am

    And after Elizabeth showed such promise during the pre-season! Maybe she’s psyching out the competition and plans to whip out her bubble-blowing full face submersion when they least expect it.

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