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It Could Be Worse Part II

July 23, 2013

From infancy, Miss P has sucked three fingers on her right hand while pinching her cheek with her left hand.  I first noticed the finger sucking in the hospital, the day after she was born.  You cannot  imagine my relief to have birthed a finger sucker.  No more putting a baby to bed in a crib filled to the brim with 50 pacifiers, hoping beyond hope that she might be able to find one in the night without waking us up.

I can’t remember when she added the cheek pinching, but it seemed harmless enough.  Until these past few months.  Instead of pinching her own cheek, she has a growing compulsion to pinch Annie’s cheek.  No sooner does Annie come into view, than Miss P pops those fingers in her mouth and hustles over for a little pinch of those Annie -cheeks.  Annie doesn’t seem to mind a bit, just goes on about her business, with Miss P glued to her cheek.

None of Annie’s cheeks are safe:

20130618_180449I disclose this arresting development in case it brings comfort to other mothers worried about habit such as thumb or pacifier sucking.  Remember, their are worse habits than sucking your own thumb!

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  1. J Scruton permalink
    July 23, 2013 10:53 pm

    Humorous beyond hysterical!

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