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Nine Lives of Mr. Tumnus

June 27, 2013

It has been a harrowing first month here for Mr. Tumnus.  He was with us not a week before escaping from his cage.  We searched the bushes many times, walked up and down the block calling his name, and Elizabeth and Miss P went door to door asking, “Excuse me, have you seen a small gray rabbit.” All to no avail.  Mr. Tumnus was gone, and I was sure a goner.  As night turned into day and day into night I became more and more sure that we would not be seeing a small gray rabbit again.   I felt very badly to have been the end of two rabbits in one month.  Elizabeth continued to pray, and was quite confident that Mr. Tumnus was just fine and would be back.

On the third day of his absence, I received a startling email from my neighbor Diane.  She had not been visited by the search party and did not even know we had a rabbit!   She explained that she found a small friendly rabbit and had a hunch we might be rabbit types.  There was much rejoicing and speculating about what Mr. Tumnus did for three days on his own.  Yesterday Charlie, staring at him in his little cage said, “Mom, I think Mr. Tumnus is much happier with us than he was when he went around the world in three days.”

You may think that this ends the adventures of Mr. Tumnus.  You would be wrong.  Following his trip around the world, I, having rather enjoyed his absence, came up with the idea of a rabbit cooperative.  I have offered a share of Mr. Tumnus to other families of small children.  Not surprisingly, the only taker has been Mary Brown.  I can (almost) always count on Mary Brown when I come up with good ideas.

So, Mr. Tumnus was spending his nights at the Browns when a sudden and serious storm toppled an 80 foot tree onto the Brown home.  On it’s way down, it stuck and split another tree.  The two trees and all their branches fell on either side of Mr. Tumnus’s hutch.  He emerged unscathed.  I cannot say the same about the home of the Browns (see

I was explaining the brush his brush with death to Dan on the way to church.  From the back of the van Elizabeth piped up in an awestruck voice: “The Lord spared his life…God remembered his promise to Abraham!”

As for Mr. Tumnus, he is just loving all this.  Couldn’t be happier.  Below: He was so excited to help Elizabeth and Ruby Brown with their lemonade stand.

ruby brown 006ruby brown 008

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  1. J Scruton permalink
    June 28, 2013 12:24 pm

    He was still around…mr. Tumnus….and the power of prayer! 🙂

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