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If at first you kill your rabbit…

June 12, 2013

…try try again.  We bought a baby bunny on Monday.  His name is Mr. Tumnus.  He is so cute I could just nurse him!  He’s the cutest animal to grace our home since we dog-sat for Patty’s cousin Kathy Hardy’s miniature poople, whose cries caused my milk to let down (it really did).  But as breastmilk did nothing for the late Little Rascal,  I will not be trying that again. So far, an outside rabbit seems to be just enough pet for us.  The children bring him in the house on occasion, but he has a tendency to surprise them with little pellet presents so we prefer to interact with him in the yard.  Some of the children are better at disposing of rabbit pellets than others.  I caught Miss P using a dish towel and redirected her to the toilet paper.  Apparently I was a little late, for I opened a kitchen drawer last night and found a carefully folded dishrag with a little rabbit pellet inside.  There’s another reason I can’t let the little poop-mobile in the house.  In spite of my best efforts not to be, I find myself allergic to Mr. Tumnus.  So a yard rabbit he will always be.  There are worse things that can happen to a rabbit.  Just ask Little Rascal.

rabbit 029

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  1. Grammie permalink
    June 12, 2013 3:59 pm

    very cute.

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