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Birthday Boy and Girl

May 8, 2013

birthday 080

Charlie and Elizabeth turn five today.  Several people have asked me if I feel sad about this.  For the record: I am extremely happy about this development.  We celebrated the twins’s fifth Birthday this weekend with a bowling/art party.  Charlie and the Hoffner boys went bowling.  Elizabeth and the Benson girls did crafts.

I may be alone in this, but I do not look forward to children’s Birthday parties.  In fact, I would rank managing a child’s Birthday party right up there with managing a child’s stomach flu.  Even if it goes well, I always feel a little traumatized afterward.

This year,  I traded Dan’s web design services to Kettie’s new business in exchange for an arts and crafts Birthday party for Elizabeth.  This worked out very well for me.  (Not so much for Dan and Kettie.)  Then I asked Mary Olson to make the Birthday cakes.  This also worked out very well for me. (Not so much for Mary Olson).

The crafts were a big hit.  The girls made necklaces, painted flower pots, and decorated spring purses.  The boys also enjoyed themselves at the Memory Lanes Bowling Alley down the street. The three little boys teamed up and bowled against the daddies.  This worked out very well for the daddies. (Not so much for the little boys).    A good time was had by all.  Even me.

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  1. Grammie permalink
    May 8, 2013 7:24 am

    Those are two sweet and cute children. Happy birthday to them!

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