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Happy Days Are Here Again

April 30, 2013

Betsy told me that all Muppets are either order Muppets or chaos Muppets.  Bert and Ernie for example.  Or me and Betsy.  I was so excited about my long grocery list that I thought perhaps my chaos muppet days were over.  But then the temperature outside went from 32 and snowing to 80 and sunny in a week.  I relapsed.  Evidence of the relapse includes the state of our back yard, and  the fact that I am currently feeding a baby rabbit my breastmilk from an eye dropper. Being a rabbit’s wet nurse may disqualify me from order muppet status forever.

Exhibit A. The rabbit.

spring 107

Exhibit B.  Our back yard.

spring 008

spring 011

It is a strange thing to be outside sunbathing and get pelted with a snowball.

spring 003

On Sunday the kids had a lemonade stand/ art show for our neighbors.  Elizabeth and Miss P painted in earnest all weekend to prepare for the art show.  Elizabeth really came out of her shell, screaming: “Aaaart!  Aaaaaart!” At every passerby.  Then walking them around discussing each of her paintings including this popular piece: “A Girl Trying to Touch the Fireworks, but They Look Much Closer Than They Are So She Can’t”.  She was pretty sure it would be a big seller so she painted it twice.

spring 023

And this piece entitled: “The Girl Who Tried To Touch The Fireworks Is Wearing Her Hair Differently Now”.

spring 020

Of course Miss P’s self portrait sold right away.

spring 052

Although prices were negotiable, the girls made a pretty penny explaining to customers that half the money would go to buy food for the poor and half for icecream for themselves at the DQ.spring 041

spring 041

While the girls sold art, Charlie manned the lemonade stand.  I mentioned to Mary Olson after it was all over that I managed to stop him from serving a customer out of a used cup.

“Oh yes, I saw him do that, and I saw him sip out of a customers lemonade before handing it off,” she said.  “Many times…but he was just having such a high time bar-tending that I hated to interfere.”

I swear I had no idea.  Although it might explain why one lady asked if she could just come inside and get some water. Again, this sort of thing would never happen at the lemonade stand of an order muppet.

spring 042

Last night the children took the money jar and we hit the DQ after supper.

spring 079

spring 092

spring 093

And finally, Miss P and I have taken to sleeping on the porch.  Me, because it is finally spring.  And P, because I am scared to sleep out there by myself.

spring 025

And to all a goodnight.

spring 064-001

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Julie Childs permalink
    April 30, 2013 6:24 pm

    Myfavorite was Charlie sipping the lemonade and Mary O. not stopping him. I always took her for an order muppet. Oh, I think you are feeding a baby rat.

  2. Myra Arnold permalink
    April 30, 2013 8:24 pm

    I would totally buy “The girl who tried to touch fireworks is wearing her hair differently now.” Elizabeth, do you still have that one?

  3. Grammie permalink
    May 1, 2013 6:26 am

    I know where you get your sense of humor, Lucy! Your mother’s post cracked me UP!

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