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Future NRA spokesperson?

January 29, 2013

Charlie spends most of his waking hours thinking about guns in all their various forms.  It is very hard to get him to talk about anything else.  He cried and cried at the emergency room as the doctor splinted his broken leg, pausing only for breath and to ask, “Which shoots faster, a bow and arrow or a gun?”  In the middle of his Christmas program he called from the stage (in the silence between songs) “Are B.B. guns made of metal?”  You get the idea.

I cannot relate.  I would prefer all guns not bearing the name NERF to be outlawed forever.  But I try to converse with him about guns in an objective way, and help channel his interest towards using guns to help people, as the police officers do.  This morning he asked me if it is okay to shoot animals.  As I often do, I found myself borrowing a page from the Gregory family’s book.

Last summer we went fishing with the Gregorys.  With a fish on the line, David (age 8) had a sudden attack of conscience asking: “Dad I know we aren’t supposed to kill for sport, only for food, but we are throwing these little fish back…is that fishing for sport?”  Pete responded with: “It is okay to fish and hunt as long as it is not done with a blood-thirsty attitude.”

The young fisher-children all nodded wisely.

This morning, channeling Pete, I responded to Charlie’s question:

“Well, Charlie, it is okay to kill animals if you need them for food or to use their fur to make clothes, but it is not okay to kill them for sport…especially if it is done with a bloodthirsty attitude.”

Charlie stared out the window at the woods across the street, “I think when I am old enough to get a B.B. gun I will shoot a squirrel and use the fur to make a hat for Nini…but it is going to have to be a really big squirrel, because you know…Nini’s head?”

Nothing says Yuletide like a dead squirrel for your head!

Charlie continued: “If a mouse got in your house, would it be okay to shoot it with a B.B. gun?”

Me: “Well, you would never shoot a pet, but I guess it would be okay to shoot an animal that wasn’t supposed to be in the house, like a mouse or a bat….as long as it is not done with a blood thirsty attitude.”

Charlie: “What if a red fox got in the house.”

Miss P chimed in: “Or if a dinosaur got in the house.”

Me: “Yes, certainly a dinosaur.”

Miss P: “Or a scary lion.”

All this to say, I am wondering if the proponents of the strictest gun control laws (which I am in favor of) have considered the possibility of a dinosaur or scary lion getting into their houses.  Perhaps a new line of argument for the NRA?

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  1. January 29, 2013 10:41 pm

    Amazing and amusing. Charlie digs into something with whole-heartedness until he understands and then is off to something else (we hope). Someday he can go bird hunting with Mark and Sam in a totally non-blood thirsty way, of course, and without a gun of his own, of course.

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