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Giraffe on the Town

November 1, 2012

Last night was a big night for the little giraffe.  We invited ourselves over to the Hoffner’s for pumpkin soup and group Trick or Treating.  We had not been there long when the giraffe had an unfortunate accident (number two).  It was not so much an accident in her pants as it was on her pants.  We didn’t have another costume so I cleaned her up as much as I could, but we couldn’t quite get all of  the number two out of her fluffy tail.  Due to the unpleasant odor, we had to leave her costume out on the porch while we ate supper.  She didn’t really seem embarrassed.  Anyway, the lion wet her own furry pants a little earlier and so was in sweatpants instead of lion legs.  Making it from your house to the street in costume is not as easy as one might think.

After dinner the giraffe headed out with her friends for her first real Trick or Treating experience.  I think the mild bathroom odor (and crusty tail) following the animals contributed to the realism of their costumes.  It was a little difficult for the giraffe to keep up with the pack, because at each house she wanted to sit down on the steps and enjoy a little candy, exclaiming each time candy was handed to her, “Ooo, I’m going to eat this right now!”

Then, of course, there was the usual fall on the sidewalk.  The giraffe was okay until she heard me whisper to Sarah, “Her hand is bloody,” which induced an extended period of wailing.  I wasn’t too discourage because the twins, at age four, hardly fell down at all during Trick or Treating, giving me hope that all of this falling down shall too pass.

The giraffe enjoyed joining the other animals as they hid behind bushes and jumped out to scare Dan again and again.  It was amazing how easy he was to scare.  He never did see it coming.

At around seven the giraffe was ushered into her house (lest she see any big kids in scary costumes) for a very thorough bath and some milk before heading to bed with the lion and the dinosaur.  The lion went right to sleep.  The dinosaur amused himself by counting down the days until the next Halloween, “Then after tomorrow it will be only 364, then after the next day it will be only 363, then after the next day it will be 362…”  Downstairs  her mom and dad picked through her candy, relieved that we don’t have to do that again for 365 days.  Although after tomorrow it will be only 364, and after that it will be only 363….

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