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One of these Peppers is potty-training (a method)

September 12, 2012

We are using the same potty training method we used with the twins. We sit outside by a little potty for a few days (so I don’t have to clean up accidents inside).  We drink drink drink, and then the trainee sits on the potty every ten minutes and is rewarded with an M&M for every success.  This was so much easier last time when I wasn’t running in four directions.  Keeping everybody outside has proven to  be the hardest part. (But not as hard as staring at a human poop stain on the rug for years to come.)  Evidence of a struggle is scattered from one end of our yard to the other and includes:

1. Sidewalk Chalk 2. Play-Doh 3. Big Tupperware “Sleds” 4. Popsicles 5. Pop-Corn 6. Our “heated” kiddy-pool 7. Bikes, trikes, and strollers 8. Tea Parties 10. Leaf Rubbings 11. Shovels, Buckets, Mud 12.  Worms 13. Watering Cans

The success of the method depends on two things: lots of fluid intake to guarantee something for the potty, and once training has begun never putting on a diaper or pull-up (except to sleep), which means we are on house arrest for a week or so.

The first order of business, taking off the diaper proved to be a bit traumatic.  I greeted Miss P yesterday morning with a little potty song and dance.  She did not crack a smile.  Then I said, “Time to take off your diaper.” And attempted diaper removal.  She chased me all the way to the trash can, arms outstretched crying, “NOooo I need my diaper!”  then attempting to rifle through the trash can to recover her beloved diaper.  Thankfully, once she grieved that loss she has not mentioned it again.

The second order of business, pushing fluids has proved to be a sticking point as Miss P, who is usually quite parched and takes a cup of OJ and some coffee in the morning and joins me for several glasses of ice tea by afternoon, has suddenly turned into a camel and refused to drink a drop.  So the progress is slower than it could be.  But she is getting it.  Five accidents on day one.  One accident on day two.   Victory is within reach!

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  1. September 12, 2012 4:12 am

    Wait.. so putting K on a potty for a minute whenever it occurs to me is not how it’s done? Oh no, this is going to be harder than I thought.

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