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Art Imitates Life

August 14, 2012

As I write, there is a batman crawling around in our attic.  We are at war here: war against bats.

Sunday morning at 4:30 a.m.  Elisabeth woke us with screams of “A Bird, A Bird!”  I  only wish it had been a bird.  A mighty scuffle ensued as Dan raced to the rescue, then had to race back to our room to get his glasses shouting, “A bat!” prompting me to race through the hall where the bat swooped by my head before I dove into the nursery slamming the door behind me, leaving Dan to the mercy of the bat.  Elisabeth and I listened to his running around sounds until he gave the all clear to open the door. As this is our third recent encounter with a bat, Dan has perfected his method of extermination.  He throws our bedspread around violently until he floors the bat and then stomps around on it until he is sure that nothing lives beneath.

I’ve been extremely busy worrying about the situation, so busy that I can’t be bothered with cooking.  I keep mentioning that we have bats in hopes that people will start bringing meals, but, as this has not happened, I have decided to break into my emergency casseroles, tucked into the freezer by our dear friend Claire about a week before Annie was born.  I have been saving them for such a time as this, and the chicken and wild rice casserole is currently thawing in the fridge right next to the dead bat we were instructed to keep in a tupperware for rabies testing.

In addition to telling us to preserve the bat, the batman told us to seal off the bedrooms in case the bat came up from the basement.  So the night after the close encounter, Dan and I spent an hour searching for lurking bats, ducktaping holes, sealing off the stairs with a sheet, etc.  At the end of the hour, Dan said, “Are you sure someone isn’t playing a prank on us?” Apparently, Dan had a friend at Wheaton who was fond of calling people and convincing them to hastily move the entire contents of the dorm room into the hall.  All in good fun, I guess.  Less fun are the little bat-like beanie babies Dan has strategically hung around the house to scare me.

We are all processing the recent events in our own way.  I’ve been telling friend and stranger.  At church I was sorely tempted to put us on the prayer list, but resisted in favor of informally spreading the word.

The children, in their usual fashion, are processing through play.  Sunday morning after her encounter, Elisabeth directed an elaborate Little House drama.  Dan, who witnessed the play, was surprised at the casting.  Elisabeth was Mary (as usual).  Charlie was Laura.  And Miss P was Pa (not all that surprising as she is the bravest in real life). Laura and Mary cried out that there was an animal about and Pa should, “Kill it! Kill it!”  Pa came dramatically forth from behind the bed holding a four foot PVC pipe out in front of her like a rifle firing at whatever it was.

So, please, keep us in your prayers.  And I wouldn’t say no to a meal!


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  1. Claire Holovaty permalink
    August 15, 2012 9:06 pm

    Oh, Lucy, I laughed out loud as usual! Three more weeks, and I’ll be back to restock the freezer and maybe help catch bats. (I like bats and have caught one or two – without killing them).

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