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2016 Olympic Hopefuls

July 29, 2012

This morning, Dan tried to explain the Olympics (or the Yolympics as they call it) to the children.

Elisabeth, thinking that she was being asked to swim in a televised race against the fastest swimmers in the world, was quite distressed.

Elisabeth (panicking): “I don’t want to swim in the race, waaaah!”

I can just see her lining up with the Olympians in her pink swimsuit with the flamingo on the front and her floaties, asking, “Is it deeper or shallower than my flamingo?”

You can imagine her relief upon learning that her part is not to swim but to sit on the couch eating chips watching Michael Phillips (their pronunciation of Phelps).

After watching several events, Charlie announced that he was planning a family Olympics for us.  The events included: “Running race, skipping race, somersault race, and pillowcase race.”  Everyone was most excited about the pillowcase race, an idea they got from their favorite cartoon character: a big, green, born-again bear named Boz.

Unfortunately, Charlie bit the dust right off the starting block of the pillow-case race, and the racers had to be called back while he composed himself for the re-do.  Otherwise, the races were uneventful.

Be sure to look for the pillow-case racers in 2016.

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