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We Were In An Accident Today

July 10, 2012

We were hot and sweaty and headed to the car after a morning at the zoo.  I had all four children loaded onto the double stroller.  We were headed up the steep ramp to the “Tropics Trail”.  I was explaining to Kendra (who, by the way, said I could out her as the friend who occasionally sleeps in the crib) the importance of pushing the stroller with your legs not your back – as this very ramp once rendered me prone for several days – when it happened.  The weight of my load became more than I could bear.  It seemed to happen in slow motion…like  a dream.  Slowly, to the shock of many onlookers, the stroller turned over.  Bodies were scattered all over the sidewalk.  Well, really only one body.

Annie was buckled in and did not hit the ground.  She was crying before it happened and just kept crying, which I guess is reassuring.  Charlie and Elisabeth, sitting together in one of the seats also stayed in the overturned stroller, and, unphased, kept talking amongst themselves.   Poor Miss P was not only scattered on the sidewalk, she was pinned beneath the stroller.  I have heard of mothers experiencing super-human strength lifting a car off of a child.  Sadly, this strength did not come to me, and Kendra had to help me heave the stroller off of Miss P, who miraculously sustained only a skinned knee.

The whole thing sort of symbolizes our state of late.

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