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Going Home

July 1, 2012

Things are lookin’ up.  I’m getting ready to leave the hospital with Annie.  Leaving the hospital is something of a production for me, because I have to really sweep the room clean to make sure I haven’t over looked any of the FREE stuff.  You can bet I take every pacifier, bottle, nose bulb, thermometer, diaper, pencil, and notepad.   At the moment, the room looks like it’s been burgled.

I am tired, but happy to be going home with a healthy baby and some free pens.  Things really turned a corner for us Saturday morning.  Annie was declared out of the woods.  J was safely on a plane to California. Charlie finished his course of laxatives.  And the air conditioning works at the hospital.  (Ours, of course, quit working on Thursday in the midst of our frenzy…a repairman is coming tomorrow.)  Dan and I heaved a big sigh of relief, and with the three little peppers so happy in the hospital sibling play room (or “nibbling play room” as they call it), Dan and I were able to have a very restful day.  I told the nurse how relaxing we both found the hospital to be.  She expressed surprise and said most people find it quite stressful.  I’m not sure if this says more about the hospital and about our home.

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