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Coming Home

May 31, 2012

Well we made it home. Where, as Dan’s mother pointed out, the inmates outnumber the wardens.   It was hard for me to leave the hospital having grown quite attached to my food trays.  They have a new policy at the hospital: you can order food as often as you want any time, but you have to wait to receive one tray before you order the next.  I found the revolving door of food trays very healing.  Dan only questioned me when, at one point, my trays were backed up three deep.

Little Annie has been well received by her siblings.  Charlie and Elisabeth came to the hospital briefly to see her.  Charlie didn’t get to spend much time with her, however, once he discovered her nose bulb.  He spent the majority of the visit sucking things out of his own nose.   But since coming home, he has not left her side, and he (loving all things lawn care) paid her his highest compliment when he stated that her hair looks like freshly mown grass.  He loves to run a little comb through it, as he says it reminds him of the tracks of the mower.

Elisabeth has been very sweet and helpful and made Annie a crown (above photo).  “It has twelve!” She announced (to my bewilderment as the crown has less than twelve points and more than twelve jewels).

Even Miss P has been happy about the new addition, although she did burst into tears last night when I nursed Annie sobbing, “There is no room for P!”

Thanks to Nini and Dan, I am going to stay in bed all day, where, in the words of Anne Lamott (Operating Instructions) my tummy lies pooled quietly on the bed beside me, like an obedient puppy.

Although things feel a little frenetic here with five little peppers under our roof, Dan and I were reflecting on the words of our friend Cory, who lost an infant son: “Everything is grace.  Nothing is deserved. Nothing is owed. Everything is extra.”  And we are thankful for every moment we parent our living children.

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  1. Beth Saav permalink
    May 31, 2012 5:33 pm

    Operating Instructions is a hilarious book. I well remember that line you quoted, as it has seemed so very applicable after all my pregnancies, as well. Hugs to you and your brood!

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