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Waiting Around

May 22, 2012

With a due date of Monday, I have nothing on the calendar and we are just waitin’ around.  It is very bearable thanks to the nice hot weather and our new pool.  (See Exhibit A)

Exhibit A: New Pool

Every morning I get right up and make a nice big pitcher of Raspberry Tea (rumored to bring on Labor).

Exhibit B: My Tea

This is about the time when Charlie says, “Hey Mom, let’s go to the pool!”

Exhibit C: Charlie

As you may imagine, he is hard to refuse when he appears in pool attire.  So I head out to my chair.

Exhibit D: My Chair

Where I wait to go into labor, and jump every time the phone rings, and run inside to wash my hair and throw in a load of laundry at the slightest little pain, but don’t tell anybody because I live in fear of having to un-tell if it isn’t real labor.

And where I am extra glad for the serious privacy fence around a small corner of our yard. *** Because I look like this:

Exhibit E: Me

If for some reason I have to enter the front yard for something, fetching a toy for example, I run as fast as I can. Which probably doesn’t help the sight of me.  I am nervous about being seen in my non-maternity suit.  I feel like a streaker.  And on the other side of the above suit, I have split a seam.  (No Exhibit).

*A word about the privacy fence.  It involves multiple layers of serious lumber and heavy duty posts and was installed by the former owner, the police chief of Minneapolis.  I was thinking perhaps he was concerned about thieves, being in the crime field, but the realtor explained that he had the fence built for his mother-in-law who did not speak English.  I am not sure why her lack of English language skills meant she needed to be fenced in, but when told this,  Dan and I nodded with understanding, not wanting to blow the house-deal and all.

**I am extra glad for the privacy fence because no matter how well dressed the little swimmers begin the day they always end up “swimming in their bottoms”.

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  1. Ge Ge permalink
    May 22, 2012 6:54 pm

    I’ve been hoping for a picture of you (ya’ll–including the baby). Thanks.

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