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Foods: Strange and Small

March 4, 2012

Saturday morning dawned cold and snowy.

“Isn’t this nice,” Dan remarked. “A whole day, just to relax at home with no plans.”  That lasted until about noon, when we looked at each other, surrounded by the debris of the morning and said, “Let’s get a babysitter!”

So, last night, we enjoyed an impromptu date to our favorite haunt, a hamburger dive called The Blue Door. Every minute counts when racing to The Blue Door, for if you aren’t there by 4:45, you’ll surely be in for a long wait.  In a devastating turn of events, we ran out of gas on the way, and coasted into the gas station on fumes.  While great that we made it, pumping just enough gas to make it the remaining three blocks to the restaurant cost us a valuable 2 minutes and 30 seconds.  We rolled in a little before five and sure enough, the wait was over an hour.

But worth the wait, it was, to enjoy the famous “Jiffy Burger”: a hamburger slathered in peanut butter topped with bacon.  For an appetizer we shared the deep fried “Spam Bites” (A Minnesota Favorite! according to the menu).

I should explain that we have taken on the personal challenge of trying everything on the menu and have been avoiding the Jiffy Burger and Spam Bites for about a year.  But there was no way around it, and the effect was surprisingly delicious.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a major project was underway.  Project: Tiny Food, inspired by this book:

Purchased by J. from the dollar shelf at the Wild Rumpus yesterday.  The project has been a smashing success.  We are on day two of: Tiny Food.  So far, we have made:

1. Tiny Cakes

from Oreos, Icing, and Sprinkles.

2. Tiny Donuts

from Cheerios, Icing, Sugar, and Sprinkles.

3. Tiny S’Mores

From Mini Marshmallows, Chocolate Chips, and Cereal

4. And Dan’s own project, Tiny Watermelons

Made out of lime rinds and red jello. He took his little watermelons very seriously, by the way, rejecting multiple offers of help from the children.

Elisabeth served as Tiny Taster (as you can see from her face).  Upon tasting a tiny powdered sugar donut she nodded and exclaimed: “Mmmm…quite pleasant!”

And I concur.  Project: Tiny Food was quite pleasant.  Or in the words of our J:

“It was life-changing.  For all of us.”

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  1. Jacy permalink
    March 5, 2012 2:40 am

    Lucy, this is so cute and sounds like so much fun!

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