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It’s A Girl!

January 23, 2012

J. is home from school today, and, as I write, she is outside playing in the snow with Charlie and Elisabeth.  There are so many ways she is a blessing to me, not the least of which is demoting me from snow-player to cocoa-maker, a demotion I am thrilled with.

Another blessing has been her participation at church.  She has really jumped in with both feet.  On Sunday she approached the worship leader to ask if she could join the praise team.  Sadly, she was told that fifth grade is too young for the praise team.  Undaunted by the rejection, she slipped away from our row a few minutes later.  I thought she had gone to the bathroom.  Imagine our surprise to see her coming up the isle a few minutes later, passing the offering plate.  Too young to be a worship leader?  Perhaps a deacon then?

Other big news: as of today, J. is the proud mother of a hermit crab.  She has been begging for a pet, and we together decided that the the hermit crab is the perfect animal.  She has been doing chores for a few weeks to earn the money for the hermit crab, his cage, and food.  There was one heart-stopping moment (for the crab) when she decided she was tired of doing chores and having enough money for the crab and cage, would just skip buying the food.  We encouraged her to push on, lest the life of the crab be short lived.

She has declared the crab a girl and named her Julie Ann.  Julie Ann has been the focus of much anxious attention from the little peppers this morning.  There were tears when Julie Ann first stuck her long arms out of her little shell.  But we are all adjusting to this new member of the family.

I wanted to take her picture but she is hermiting:

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