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A Big Christmas for Miss Wielenga

December 20, 2011

Charlie: “Mom, what’s that thing I do after supper before I clean my room?”

Me: “Advent?”

Charlie: “Oh, yeah, Advent.”

J. has been busy making gifts to bestow on her beloved teacher, Miss Wielenga, including:

1. A pop-up Christmas Card that reads: “Some people think Christmas is about presents, but no.  It’s about Jesus.”

2. Gingerbread men.  Lovingly crafted from a kit given by one of her social workers.  She plans to give them all to Miss Wielenga!

3. Candied Grapefruit Peels. Also for Miss Wielenga.  We have no shortage of grapefruit peels as grapefruit is the one thing I’ve consistently craved in every pregnancy.  I love nothing more than to lie in my bed and polish off three or for grapefruit at a time!

It is going to be a big Christmas for Miss Wielenga.  Wish me luck as I fly away tonight with the oddballs.  J. is spending Christmas with her aunt and Dan will be joining us in Birmingham in a few days.  And away we go.

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  1. Dawn Wielenga permalink
    December 24, 2011 7:42 pm

    It has been a big Christmas for Miss Wielenga. The gingerbread cookies were great –by far the Christmas card was my favorite! Thanks J!

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