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Tidy O’ Evening (an evening routine)

December 14, 2011

Contrary to it’s title, this is not a solution to our messy problem as much as it is to our loooong evenings.  In summer, it is so easy to enjoy family time after supper.  We can go for a walk or sit out in the yard for a while, and the time flies.  But it’s gets dark at 4:30 now, and the darker and colder it gets, the slower the clock seems to move.  By 5:30 I’m feeling a little crazy, and wondering how we will ever make it to bedtime.

We’ve been employing a post-dinner routine for the past few months that I now hold to as a lifeline.  After supper and a little wrestling (I’m not sure why wrestling is a part of it but that is what they do),  all the children are sent upstairs to tidy their room. The oldest child is assigned the role of supervisor. The little children are in charge of picking up each toy they see on the floor, and if they don’t know where it goes they can ask the supervisor.  Every single night, without fail, the children quickly get distracted and start to play with the toys instead of cleaning up….WHICH IS ALL PART OF MY PLAN (HA HA HA).

With all the playing that is happening, cleaning their room can take ALL NIGHT.  They think they are getting away with something, but it gives Dan and me time to clean up supper, pick up downstairs, and then sit staring at each other, marveling at this stroke of good fortune!  And by the time they are finally done, their room is clean, the kitchen is clean, and voila: it’s bedtime.

And that, my friends, is “Tidy O’ Evening”.  Until tomorrow when we will: Dress to the Socks.

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  1. Amber Robbins-Ghormley permalink
    December 14, 2011 10:09 pm

    Lucy you are a genius. I think I might send my kids to live with you. I think you could run a house with thirty children without breaking a sweat. Thanks for sharing your fantastic tips! amber

  2. December 15, 2011 1:09 am

    Amber, in fact I am covered in sweat.

  3. Emily Baker permalink
    December 15, 2011 8:08 pm

    Yay Lucy! I’m so glad you’re sharing this:) They are wonderful tips and are making me think of how unorganized I’ve become (I’ll blame THE MOVE! :)….I’m like how you used to be with laundry….oh if you could see the MOUND of children’s clothes that need to be folded! And oh the drama of getting a 4 year-old to bed….I love all your suggestions and just might give them a try!!!!!

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