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Van Shopping

October 16, 2011

If I can avoid shopping with children I do. I go to the grocery store on the weekends and leave them behind.  I run to Target at night when I can.  I will now add van shopping (as it’s looking like it may be a regular activity for us) to the list of things we will not do with children in tow.  We visited three dealers of used vans yesterday.  As the purchase of a used van has been so long anticipated, I was picturing joyful children smiling in the back while joyful parents test drove sweet-smelling vans.  Next time, we will get a babysitter.

Pulling into a used car dealership, you can see the salesmen slowly cruising the parking lot like little sharks.  Upon sight of a family of six pulling in in a little Honda Civic, they rush the car.  We’ve never felt so welcomed anywhere.  The welcome was short lived.  Think bumping heads, smashing fingers, pushing buttons, setting off car alarms, fighting over the back seat, fighting over the front seat, wandering around crowded parking lots, lots and lots of bursting into tears.

The redeeming moment of the whole afternoon was the existence of a glorious leaf pile conveniently located on the sidewalk by the front door of our last stop Used Cars Xpress.  The magical leaf pile turned our mood from this:

Into this:

If the leaf pile wasn’t enough to call the day a success, on the way home we surprised the children with the big announcement that as soon as we got home they would get to watch the last 30 minutes of the movie “Cars”.  Upon hearing this, Charlie immediately covered his face in his hands and asked with a sob, “Are you teasing me, Mom?”

“It’s true Charlie.  It’s really true.”  I reassured him.

To which he began weeping with joy.  (The entire car is my witness).

It’s the little things.

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