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For the Love of Father

October 10, 2011

Charlie will do anything for Dan. When Dan was working on his baseball “coming” (we call it a coming rather than a come-back for obvious reasons) Charlie pitched balls from morning ’till night.  When Dan was composing music, Charlie got a little guitar and practiced incessantly.  While there is no one I’d rather Charlie emulate than his Daddy, I feel their new shared pastime, analyzing political speeches, is completely inappropriate for a three year old.

Charlie, stumbled down the stairs after his nap yesterday, rubbing sleep out of his eyes, calling, “Hey, hey Dad, let’s watch some more Herman Cain!”

But who am I to point fingers, myself being accused of wooing Dan under false pretenses after rushing out (upon learning of Dan’s interest in Orthodoxy) to by a book on The Eastern Orthodox Church so I could casually mention my reading on our first date. Oh, the things we will do for the one we love!


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