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Foster Care 101: Fingerprints

October 6, 2011

Who knew getting fingerprinted would be a feat of athletic prowess.  I stood at the fingerprint scanner (no ink involved) for an embarrassing 40 minutes, trying over and over to roll my fingers over the scanner with just exactly the right amount of pressure and at exactly the right speed to produce a proper fingerprint.  The fingerprint technician clucked her tongue sympathetically and offered soothing words such as, “Oh, well, we’ll get it next time,” and “Somebody sure spends a lot of time in the dish soap!”

Behind me,  I could tell Dan’s competitive instincts were kicking in.  “Nope, nope, not enough pressure,” he’d chime in before a print was even rejected.  When the technician finally took mercy on me and over-road the computer to force the acceptance of my apparently pitiful fingerprints, Dan swaggered up with confidence.  To my shock, he effortlessly rolled his hand across the scanner, producing a perfect print on the first try…

…with the exception of his right index finger.  Two tries for that one.  All the way to the car, he wondered what went wrong.  Betrayed by his own finger!  He could’ve had a perfect score. It was probably for the best.

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