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A Wild Friday Night

August 20, 2011

We enjoyed a spontaneous trip to the DQ with friends tonight. I was so sad I forgot my camera.  Miss P was quite a sight.  Knowing that the effects of the kiddie-cone would not be pretty, she opted to go in just her diaper and sandals.  Elisabeth wore a sundress and galoshes, and Charlie went barefoot in his usual camouflage ensemble.

Charlie, in his usual fashion, did not spill a drop of icecream.  To say Elisabeth spilled her icecream would be an understatement.  Her food tends to sort of explode while she’s eating it.  But don’t worry, she licked it all of the table before we left.

Then there was a dog.  Charlie gets nervous around dogs.  In most new situations he sends Elisabeth ahead as a scout.  Although scared of dogs, he is brave with humans.  Elisabeth is the opposite.  A little scared of humans.  So they make a good team.  Charlie initiated loudly, “Excuse me, but is your dog a licker? Can my sister pet your dog?  This is my sister. (pushing her ahead of him). She is Elisabeth. You can pet him Elisabeth.  But he licks.”

It was a wild Friday night.  The ice cream was just the beginning.  A little hyper from all the sugar, the Daddies engaged the children in a roudy acorn fight.  Miss P ran around in the middle of it all, laughing in bewilderment as the children pelted her with acorns.  A little boy from a neighboring table meandered over only to scurry back to his table as his mother yelled, “We do NOT know those people and throwing acorns is NOT cool.”  If we had any hope of being cool all was surely lost when the guys got tired of throwing acorns and turned to trying to pick each other up and carry each other around (the little guys, not the Daddies…NOT COOL.)

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