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Strange behavior

August 4, 2011

I had to visit the home of our new neighbors last night to pick up two chairs that we left at the block party they hosted in their yard Monday night (we had exited in a hurry to the chorus of “PeeeePeeee”!).  I rang the doorbell and (very big) Bob in (very little) biking shorts invited me in.  No sooner had I stepped inside than he calmly explained to me that his Doberman pincher, who was running around the living room in circles, would probably attack me but would not hurt me.  “He will only knock you down.”  He went on to explain that the Doberman has some developmental issues.  “Actually he’s retarded,” he shrugged.  “And he has siezures.” As if that makes it any better.  “So, should I just stand still?” I asked.  “That would probably be best,” was all Bob could offer. I stood, helpless, as the mentally retarded Doberman sniffed me vigorously (if you know what I mean).  I got away with my camping chairs and lived to tell about it.

As the years go by (three of them so far) I am learning to remain calm when on of the children exhibits strange behavior (not delayed Doberman strange…just regular strange)  knowing, now, that most things come and go, and what is alarming to me one day will likely be forgotten by next week.  Elisabeth has a new and strange way of talking that I hope sticks around a while.  In short, she talks like a book.  For example, we were having dinner with friends last week and Elisabeth piped up, “I need to poop,” then quietly added, “said the woman with the scratchy voice.”  Or she will ask me a question, “Can I have a snack, Mama?”  Then mutter, “Of course you can, said the mommy to the little child.”  It’s a very endearing habit.  As is seeing her carry her big picture books everywhere, to the dinner table, to the little potty, to bed.  She studies the pictures diligently telling me, “I just can’t stop weading.”

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  1. Grammie permalink
    August 5, 2011 2:41 am

    This is precious. I’m also glad you made it out of the doberman’s house alive.

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