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Little Big Girl

July 13, 2011

Miss P enjoyed her 15 month check up yesterday.  Everything I do with her feels so new and different than it did with twins.  I remember their 15 month check up as an especially desperate time.  I recall the pediatrician expressing his horror as he opened the door to find them eating cheerios off the floor.  I didn’t plan it.  It just happened.

Miss P, on the other hand was a barrel of laughs at her check up.  She has always loved rough-housing and seemed to think this was what the Dr. had in mind as she poked and probed.  The laughing started when the Dr. peaked in her ears with the otoscope and by the time she had the tongue depressor down her throat Miss P was laughing so hard she could hardly catch her breath.

She was declared a healthy little girl if a bit on the skinny side (height and weight percentiles being discrepant).  The Dr. prescribed whole milk and a little butter on her vegetables to fatten her up.  A little butter I am thinking to myself.  Miss P is practically made of butter.  One morning Dan absentmindedly placed a whole stick of butter in front of her, lost as he was in conversation. He proceeded to talk to me while she smashed the stick of butter into her mouth as fast as she could, hoping no one would notice, chowing down like it was ice-cream.  (I did point his mistake out to him and he recovered part of the stick).  Every morning she licks the butter of her toast with vigor.

I must say, I’ve always wanted to be on a weight gain diet myself.  The closest I ever came was the beginning of my pregnancy with the twins when the Dr. emphasized eating copious amount of protein.  I complied and the results were nothing short of astonishing.  He quietly stopped mentioning eating for three.

Even if she is a little thin, we are so proud of Miss P and her 10 words and the speed with which she runs and her amazing skill at climbing ladders.  As the twins say, “That’s our baby!”

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