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Lazy Days of Summer

July 7, 2011

Above: the children watching Uncle Carl mow the lawn. This is the best I can do.  It has been a slow news cycle.

Actually we did have a little excitement as Grandma and Grandpa came into town for a meeting and spent the night with us.  Mary emerged from the car waving what looked to be a large chain saw (turned out to be a hedge trimmer, but what do I know).  She set to work whacking at trees and shrubs, and she and Uncle Carl worked a small miracle in our front yard.  Her coming, chainsaw in hand, can only be rivaled by her appearance last year at our doorstep with her own concrete mixing tub (not many women today can claim their own concrete mixing tub) in response to our crumbling retaining wall.

So apparently the Lazy Days of Summer do not pertain to Mary Olson.  Years ago Dan saved our marriage with a resolution never to wonder why I am not like his mother and just set out to follow in her  footsteps himself. (I did onetime hear him sigh a little sigh as we passed the sewing notions aisle at Target and whisper, “I was hoping for a wife who sewed…”).

Those of us claiming the Lazy Days (that would be me and the children) have hit a different pool each day this week. Pools are a little easier for me to manage since Charlie overheard the men last weekend say, “The fish are biting today.” And, “Sam got a bite!” Charlie ran into the house shouting, “The fish are biting cousin Sam!”  For the rest of the day the littlest brush of seaweed on his legs could send him screaming to the shore, “The fish are biting!”  So we are sticking to pools.  You really can’t be too careful.

Elisabeth primarily enjoys the pool from the comfort of Miss P’s infant raft.  She floats around lazily as you would if you were still the size of a one year old.  As for Miss P, she’s my run for the money, loving to stand right by the edge of the pool and swing her arms as if she’s going to jump in, then laugh and walk away.  She startled Elisabeth the first time she dunked her head under the water and came up with her few hairs slicked back.  “Oh, no, her hair came off!” Elisabeth cried in true distress for her sister who really needs those six hairs.

And that’s the news from Lake Wobegon, where Mary is strong and Dan is good looking and (I think) the children are all above average.

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  1. Mary Olson permalink
    July 8, 2011 2:55 am

    Well, there ya go!

    I only hope you all are pleased with the work of the “grey haired tornado!”

    Thanks for giving me the chance to keep busy!

    Much love and admiration. . .

  2. Amber Robbins-Ghormley permalink
    July 8, 2011 5:05 am

    We love reading these. Great writing! Beautiful photos. Wish I could go to the pool with you. You and me, always up for a swim…Enjoy these warm days. amber

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