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Lactation Cookies

June 25, 2011

Photo by T.J. (age eight)

One of the greatest things about our new house is its proximity to the darling baby Hannah.  Now I can walk two short blocks to squeeze those legs anytime.  Hannah (and her mother Diane) came over yesterday to bake Lactation cookies, a suggestion of Diane’s Lactation consultant.  Against all odds (working full time, parenting solo,and getting ready to go back to school), Diane has exclusively nursed Hannah for seven months.  According to the Lactation consultant, for maximum benefit, the nursing mother should eat three to four lactation cookies each day.  These magical cookies (oatmeal chocolate chip with a boost of flax meal and brewers yeast) taste suspiciously like ordinary cookies.  One cannot be certain if they will increase the milk supply of the nursing mother.  We can be certain, however, they will increase her weight.  Sadly, I will never get to experience either of these outcomes, as Dan ate all of my cookies while my back was turned. On the bright side, we can now test Dan’s theory: he has been telling me since the birth of the twins that it has been proven that men can lactate in emergency situations.  Having consumed 12 lactation cookies he is now sitting around waiting for his milk to come in.

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  1. Lisa permalink
    June 26, 2011 2:53 am

    Mildred told me about these cookies – but she used a different name 🙂 Actually – someone made these for me recently and I really think they work!! Watch out Dan…

  2. June 26, 2011 8:58 am

    So breastfeeding twins in the middle of the night didn’t count as enough of an emergency for him to try? I think I would have called him on that one. 🙂

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