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…some people put on their pants one pair at a time.

June 17, 2011

After putting in some long nights, we have fought the stomach flu and we have won.   The only time children are allowed in our bed is in these times of great infirmity.  As sleeping in Mommy and Daddy’s bed is a longed for state of affairs, when it happens it usually results in the child alternately weeping because of fever/vomiting/etc. and cackling with glee because he has found himself in Mommy and Daddy’s bed.  The trick for us is in extracting the sick twin from his bedroom without attracting the attention of the sleeping twin in the same room.  3 a.m. last night found me holding Charlie hissing to Dan, “Decoy!  Decoy!”  Elisabeth slept peacefully the rest of the night next to a Charlie that was nothing but a straw-man made of pillows under the blankets in his bed.  She was none the wiser.

I think I had a little post traumatic stress disorder after my experience nursing twins through the night when they were newborn. At least I demonstrate some of the symptoms. Flashbacks? Check.  Trouble sleeping? Check.  Lack of Appetite?  No.  Unfortunately  my appetite has remained strong.  But nights like these bring back the stress of the early months.  Little ticking time bombs they were then.  I would lay in bed in a cold sweat, just waiting for the next one to go off.  I used to sleep so easily, but since my experience with the twins, I have become addicted to one dose of benedryl at bedtime. Dan is sure I’m on the slippery slope to Rehab. So, this week, I have replaced my beloved Benadryl with an herbal supplement. So far so good.  For me at least.

I would not recommend it for people who sleep great all the time.  Dan is just such a person.  He sleeps like a log.  But after the last three nights of children up and down like popcorn, he is understandably worn out.  So last night he took two of my supplements with the thought that it would make his already great sleep twice as restful.  You could say the results were staggering.  He staggered around groggily all morning unable to shake the restful state of the sleeping drought.  I intervened only after he put his khaki dress pants on over his gray dress pants.  Some people put on their pants one pair at a time.

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