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7 days

June 16, 2011

Seven Days Ago: Miss P and I flew to Minneapolis together, just the two of us.  What a treat to fly with one baby.  I felt so light and free for some reason.  We had a very long layover in Chicago during which Miss P charmed one and all in our gate area.  My post the day before we flew was entitled, “A good little dog.” It felt a little prophetic watching her wander around the gate area looking for people with food.  When she spotted food or drink she’d plant herself right in front of the eater, rest her hand on his knee, and stare him down.  An older woman was the first to crack, “She wants some of my icecream,” she shrugged helplessly.  “OK.” I shrugged back.  After the old lady cracked it was a free for all as other passengers realized it was OK to feed the animals!  French fries with a businessman here…sips of a lady’s water bottle there.  Note: Lest you think she was starving, I had a carry-on full of nutritious food that she wanted nothing to do with.

Six Days Ago: Miss P and I finished packing up our house, which when I arrived home looked a little like someone had turned it upside down and shaken all the crumbs out of the pockets.  That last day of packing was mostly sorting through crumbs.  Cords and puzzle pieces and lampshades, oh my!  The hilight of the long day was an invitation from the Birds to join them for fish tacos.  We arrived along with their entire Bible Study which Widdy had forgotten was meeting at the same time.  A nice dinner with new friends and old.

Five Days Ago: Sold a house in the morning, bought a house in the afternoon.  Kettie and Terra came and unpacked the new kitchen with me.  Terra: “Rule of thumb when moving, always move your kitchen and bathrooms in first and your twins in last.”

Four Days Ago: The big move.  We felt so cared for by our friends and family who not only moved our stuff but unpacked it and put it all away.  By the end of the day we had most of the boxes broken down and on the curb. I’m so grateful for those on the Birmingham end (Papaw, Ni-ni, Betsy, George) who wrestled the twins for 5 days to make our move so smooth. Also, special thanks to all of our helpful friends including bed and crib assembler David Widdifield, Toy Organizer Jessica Widdifield, appliance mover Phil Olson, and box breaker downer and declutterer Mary Olson.  These Minnesotans, when they help you, they mean business.  I really expected nothing less.  Especially from Mary  who really excels at keeping her wits about her.  Just last week she casually mentioned that her car was struck by a deer at 60 mph.  The deer, she explained, shattered the driver’s side window as it stuck its head in, looked at her, and was sucked back out. She did not even slow down.  “And,” she concluded, “My fingers didn’t even tingle.”

Three Days Ago: I am supposed to be getting ready for the twins to descend on us from the sky, but I don’t feel so good.  It wasn’t long before Dan and Carl are felled by the same flu.  The only person happy about it was Mary, who was just relieved I wasn’t pregnant.

Two Days Ago: The twins burst onto the scene with their Ni-ni.  They were very preoccupied with Uncle Carl’s basement kitchen and less interested in the rest of the house.  It was not long before they were also throwing up.

Yesterday: We were sad to say goodbye to Ni-ni.  Uncle Carl drove her to the airport and called to let me know she got off just fine. Two hours passed.  I took the twins outside for some fresh air.  Who should we see walking up the sidewalk?  Ni-ni. Canceled flight.  Godsend. She helped me nurse the twins back to health and prevented my potential demise under an avalanche of sick child laundry.

Today: Trying to write some of it down so I don’t forget.

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  1. Emily Baker permalink
    June 16, 2011 8:18 pm

    Oh Lucy! I am so glad you are in your new house, but hope that you and the children feel better soon!!!!! Can’t wait to see pictures of your new nest! We move to Tulsa in a month (I’m still here in Tulsa…go home next weekend to pack! FUN!!!! 🙂

  2. Brenda permalink
    June 16, 2011 9:13 pm

    I’m so sorry you were all sick. May it pass quickly and then you can all enjoy the new house. I’m glad Nini’s flight was cancelled. I hope by the time you read this all are well again.

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