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June 7, 2011

The MVP of the week: Corrie James! She has made our week so delightful with her cheerful presence.  Miss P runs to hug and kiss Corrie when she gets here.  (And Miss P, in the throes of separation anxiety, is really not a friendly baby these days. On Sunday I had to tell the nursery workers at Betsy’s church that she’d probably be fine if nobody looked at her or spoke to her and, whatever you do, don’t try to pick her up.  When I picked her up, they confessed that they did look at her once to wipe her nose, but promised they turned their faces away real quick.  )  The twins adore Corrie.  One morning she rang the doorbell with a big box of blocks to share.  The next morning she brought a science experiment.  Today she went swimming with us.  The twins spent most of the time throwing things in the pool and ordering Corrie to fish them off the bottom. It’s a wonder she keeps coming back for more.  I am praying for a Corrie (A pleasant girl, age 11, who brings herself over and takes herself home please) to help us in Minneapolis.   

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